The Gideon’s International hands out New Testaments in Fort Worth

By Frank Jackson

The Gideon’s International religious group came to TCU yesterday as a part of their bible blitz campaign in the Tarrant County area.

The Gideon’s International volunteers approached students from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. Monday and Tuesday with New Testaments in hand.

“It was kind of awkward because there were so many of them spread out so when you said no to one, another popped up,” said sophomore TCU student Madison Jones, “They were nice and not pushy.”

Junior Ohimai Ojeikere added, “They weren’t pushy or trying to evangelize, they said you want a bible? No, cool.”

Other students appreciated the gesture.

“I thought they were spreading a good message and what they were saying was a good reminder,” Sophomore Tia Johnson said.

The group has handed out 150 thousand New Testaments/Bibles in three days said Gideon’s International volunteer Terry Milrany.

Milrany, a TCU alumnus, said the group came to the school because they wanted to give back.

“We believe that there is power in believing in the word,” said Milrany.

However, many of the other Gideon’s members weren’t willing to talk about their group. They refused to be interviewed.

The group started over 100 years ago with no professional clergy said Milrany.

Gideon’s International is represented in 197 countries and has given out 2 million books world wide, added Milrany.

The Bibles and New Testaments are printed in more than 90 languages.

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