TCU police: More than 40 responses to stolen property notice

TCU police: More than 40 responses to stolen property notice

TCU police sent out an email to try and find the owners of various stolen property. The department is now sorting through more than 40 responses to return the property.

Detective Robert Rangel alerted the TCU community on Tuesday about a recent robbery that occurred within a two-mile radius of campus. In the email, Rangel said the Fort Worth Police Department was searching for the owners of stolen property it had recovered.

On Tuesday, Fort Worth Police obtained a warrant and searched the home of a person police suspected had completed a robbery, Rangel said.

When FWPD searched the house, they found items that they suspected belonged to TCU students because of their vicinity campus and their markings, Rangel said.

“We received over 40 responses to the email I sent out about the discovered property Tuesday,” Rangel said.

The suspect was initially arrested by the FWPD and once they are able to identify if the property was stolen by the suspect he will be charged accordingly.

The TCU Police Department is encouraging students to follow these safety tips when protecting personal belongings:

• Be aware of your surroundings.

• Lock and reinforce doors and windows, including garage doors.

• Consider an alarm or security system.

• Mark your belongings with identifying information.

• Be a good witness — describe exactly what you observe with as many details as possible.