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Women’s golf: Striving to be the best

The future for TCU women’s golf is now, said head coach Angie Ravioli-Larkin.

Last season, four of the five team members who competed in the NCAA regional were first years. Ravioli-Larkin said she expects continued growth out of them for 2016.

“Being a year older, a year experienced, I’m so excited,” Ravioli-Larkin said.

Ravioli-Larkin said she was impressed by not only the players’ growth on the course, but also off. She said as each player grew individually, the team also grew as a whole. That growth led to an increase in performance she was able to see towards the end of last season, she said.

Ravioli-Larkin said this season it is about striving to be the best at everything each day.

“I think when we start looking too far ahead and putting those extra pressures on ourselves and you get out of living day to day,” she said.

Ravioli-Larkin said that her players want to win a national championship and she believes they have that ability. She said the key is to give 100 percent, 100 percent of the time.

“We can’t control if we win or not,” she said. “But we can control what we do every day in order to get that win.”

TCU women’s golf team has their first tournament of the 2016 season on Sept. 12 at the Minnesota Invitational.

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