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TCU’s KFC is more than chicken

A gas leak at King Family Commons Thursday forced evacuations of the building. Photo taken by Kacey Bowen.

The new KFC on campus doesn’t come with a colonel, a white mustache or chicken. In fact, it’s not new.

In case you missed it, the multipurpose facility in Worth Hills was named the King Family Commons this summer.

Student reaction has been mixed.

For junior Katina Burke the name prompts thoughts about a three-piece.

“I thought of chicken,” Burke said.

Sophomore John Payton said he thought it was fine the building finally has a name. Students will still call it whatever they want, he said.

“To me, it’s still BLUU 2,” Payton said.

Sophomore Justin Dillon said he still plans to call it the BLUU 2.

“People just call this the BLUU 2, no one really calls this the KFC,” Dillon said.


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