Residents gear up for game day traffic

By Taylor Sutton

It’s that time of year again.
As the Horned Frogs prepare to start their upcoming football season, residents near Amon G. Carter stadium prepare for hectic Saturdays filled with traffic and parking nightmares.
Thousands of people crowd the streets near the stadium prior to TCU games, and it often causes significant problems for those living in the neighborhood.
Fort Worth resident Carrie McPadden, who has lived directly behind the stadium on Colonial Parkway for six years, said that game day is a hectic time on her street.
“I’ve lived here for a while. Our street has always been really busy on game days since we’re so close to the stadium,” McPadden said.
McPadden said she’s had her fair share of game day issues.
“I did have someone park in my driveway one time. I didn’t even know them!”
The Fort Worth Police Department is tasked with handling these traffic issues and has specific units to deal with them.
“On game day I do hear quite a few complaints,” Fort Worth police Sgt. J.R. Mendoza said. “I think most of those are from the residential streets.”
Mendoza is supervisor of the South Traffic Response and Parking Strike Team. He said the largest traffic problems come from pedestrians, not vehicles.
If you encounter an illegally parked car or traffic violation, call the non-emergency number for the Fort Worth Police Department at 817-335-4222.