Construction creeps from Bellaire Drive onto Overton Park Drive in time for TCU football

By Kayley Ryan

Orange cones seem to be the constant decor for the Overton Park Drive area.

The detours and traffic cones that snaked along Bellaire Drive South were cleared away just in time for TCU football. But almost overnight they reappeared on nearby Overton Park Drive East.
It might not seem like it, but the wastewater line work to replace decaying and aging infrastructure in the neighborhood is ahead of schedule. Come Christmas, the entire water infrastructure improvements project will be finished, said Project Manager Robert Sauceda.
Sauceda said the project ran smoothly in partnership with TCU.
“When we first started this project almost two years ago, we coordinated with TCU and let them know that we were going to start in January after football season, and we were going to continue to work until the first football game,” Sauceda said. “That was our goal.”
That goal made resident Janet Herald‘s drive down Bellaire Drive South in late August a pleasant one.

Photo of Janet Herald, courtesy of Janet Herald.
Photo of Janet Herald, courtesy of Janet Herald.

“It had to be cleared up before the first football game because so much traffic comes up that way up from Hulen to get to the stadium,” Herald said. “I mean, it was an absolute necessity.”
Sauceda said extra manpower and better weather conditions sped up the process.
However, some Overton Park residents said they were surprised the construction on Overton Park Drive East was not completed before school started in the fall.
Sauceda said this was intentional: construction on Overton Park Drive East was farther away from Tanglewood Elementary than the previous construction on the west side of Overton.
“Because we’re on the opposite road, not in front of the Tanglewood Elementary or close to TCU…we’re able to do it during school days,” Sauceda said.
He also said the construction contractor took precautions on neighborhood streets, covering holes overnight and not allowing residents too close to the dangerous work environment.
These blueprints from the Fort Worth Water Department outline which streets required water and wastewater line installations at the outset of this project.
Overton Park Drive East’s sanitary sewer line replacement–painted orange for clarity–is the only remaining portion of the project. Blueprints were provided by the Fort Worth Water Department.

These water infrastructure improvements are needed because of a history of breaks on the lines and a demand for more water flow. Learn more in the previous article regarding the first phase of this project.
With most of the construction complete, resident Janet Herald no longer has to worry about her drive down Bellaire–unless she turns onto Overton.