Fort Worth officer released from hospital after shooting

By Shane Battis

Officer Xavier Serrano, one of the two Fort Worth police officers shot while responding to a 911 call Friday night, was released from John Peter Smith Hospital Wednesday morning.
Serrano had surgery for bullet wounds in his left arm, left hand and left torso according to Public Relations Officer Daniel Segura,
The other injured officer, Ray Azucena, was released early Saturday morning with “a large bruise and swelling” in his chest.
Fort Worth Police Department posted a video of Serrano’s release on its Facebook page.

Mayor Betsy Price voiced her support for the injured officers on Facebook.
“We are so proud of Fort Worth Police Department Officer’s sacrificial service to our community,” she wrote. “When you see police officers and first responders, be sure to thank them, give them a handshake and let them know just how thankful we are to them and their families.”
According to a press release, officers were investigating a shooting in Wharton Drive when they were shot that night.
Resident Vincent Fleece called to report that his father, Carl Fleece, had committed suicide in their house. He said his brother, Martin, was in the room when shots rang out and walked into a shed in the backyard after the incident.
Five officers found Fleece with gunshot wounds in his head and a pistol lying nearby.
Serrano and Azucena then approached the locked shed where Martin was. The press release wrote that the officers were concerned for his safety and forced the shed door open after identifying themselves as police.
Martin fired a .45 caliber handgun which hit Serrano three times and Azucena once. Serrano and Sgt. Steve Fineman fired back, according to the press release.
Officer Cliff Snodderly, who was in the house, assisted by firing his weapon at the shed and pulling Serrano away from the scene to treat him with a TacMed bag before an ambulance arrived to transport him to John Peter Smith Hospital.
Soon afterwards, Azucena noticed that he had also been shot as he had a hole in his ballistic vest. He was then transported to the same hospital.
Officers set up a perimeter around the house and tried to get Martin to surrender peacefully. SWAT officers launched gas canisters into the shed and tore down the shed wall with an armored vehicle.
Martin was found with a self-inflicted gunshot wound from a .45 caliber handgun and had not been hit by any of the officer’s rounds.
“We are thankful these officers are alive and credit the ballistic vests that they were wearing for giving them a chance at survival,” the press release wrote.