Man wanted for "mental application warrant" near Bluebonnet Circle taken into custody

By Kristen Weaver

Streets leading to a house in the 3500 block of Park Ridge Drive were blocked off Wednesday while Fort Worth police and Tarrant County Sheriff’s offices took a man into custody on a “mental application warrant.”
Police began searching for the man late Wednesday morning. At one point, at least 15 patrol cars were in the area because the man refused to come out of his house, said Terry Grishman, the media contact at the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office.
Will Henderson, who lives a few doors down from the man’s house, saw the arrest.
About 30 officers arrived and were pointing guns at the house before the man was brought outside at 1:45 p.m., he said.
Henderson described the man as “docile” when he was handcuffed on the porch and escorted into a squad car. He also said he was wearing something that looked like an orange jumpsuit.
“We have to take the greatest amount of precaution against anything happening,” Grishman said.
Marcus Povero, the Public Information Officer for the Fort Worth police, said while the search was active students and staff at nearby McLean Middle School couldn’t enter or exit the campus.
He added, the man had “nothing to do with school whatsoever.”
“There is no reason for neighborhood to be alarmed,” Povero said.