Students travel to take on the Iron Skillet

TCU defeated Iowa State 41-20 on Homecoming and Family Weekend. (Sam Bruton/ TCU360)

TCU defeated Iowa State 41-20 on Homecoming and Family Weekend. (Sam Bruton/ TCU360)

By Caleb Jakana

The Horned Frogs hit the road today and some fans are following.

Fans have long been considered an extra player. Their cheers and presence can help spur a team that’s lagging or boost one that’s doing well even higher.

Head coach Gary Paterson has said in the past that fans are essential.

“It’s not all on the shoulders of team. (Fans) need to get themselves out (and) it needs to be a loud crowd,” Patterson said. “We don’t need to be loud as soon as something good happens. We need to be loud as soon as we walk into the stadium.”

SMU is TCU’s crosstown rival, but students are divided on the importance of trekking to Dallas for the latest battle for the Iron Skillet.

Senior Kenneth Ankoma-sey said that the players need the support from fans during road games because going into another opponents territory can be intimidating.

“It definitely has an impact,” Ankoma-sey said. “If no one goes, who does the team turn to for support?”

First-year Sebastian Kong said going to away games are imperative.

“It’s important to support your team by attending the games,” Kong said.

Junior Philip Kafuluma has a different opinion. Kafuluma said that traveling to an away game won’t make that much difference to the team.

“The cheers of away games are always drowned by those of the home fans, especially in college sports,” said Kafuluma.

Ticket prices for this game ranged from $40-$60.

Kick-off between the Horned Frogs and the Mustangs is set for 7 p.m in Gerald J. Ford Stadium.