Creepy clown sighting reported to Fort Worth police, no clowns found

By Sierra Tuthill

While it is not uncommon to see people dressed in costumes during the month of October, Fort Worth police are investigating reports of people dressing up in creepy clown costumes and scaring some residents.
People dressed up as scary clowns have been reported by residents in 12 other states including Oregon, Washington, South Carolina and Pennsylvania to name a few. Some cases, such as the one in Pennsylvania, turned violent, which is why police said they are taking every sighting very seriously.
Fort Worth police spokesperson Tamara Valle confirmed that one resident reported a clown running up and down a residential street screaming near Interstate-35 West and Western Center, but police didn’t spot a clown when they searched.
On Sunday night Kaelen Sherman, a Fort Worth resident, posted on her Facebook about an unsettling run-in with the clowns at the Target located by Ridgmar Mall.
Sherman said two men dressed as clowns were walking around the Target parking lot and looking in people’s vehicles.

No arrests have been made, and police said they haven’t seen a clown yet in Fort Worth.
While this may seem abnormal, “Clown Sightings” is trending on social media. On Facebook alone, 29, 706 people are ‘talking’ about the topic.

 Valle said that many reports going around are false, but nonetheless the reports are being taken seriously.
Check back for more information. Until then, if you see any more suspicious clown activity be sure to report to Fort Worth police at 817-335-4222.