Pi Kap Push Week ends on a high note


Delta Delta Delta performs a routine in front of the judges at Pi Kapp push in 2016. (Nicole Strong/TCU 360)

By Nicole Strong

Alpha Chi Omega performing their routine at Pi Kapp Push. (Nicole Strong/TCU360)
Alpha Chi Omega performing their routine at Pi Kap Push (Nicole Strong/TCU360).

Members of TCU’s Panhellenic sororities gathered Thursday night to sing, dance and raise awareness about Pi Kappa Phi’s philanthropy.

Pi Kap hosted its annual philanthropy week this week benefitting  The Ability Experience, an organization which raises awareness about people with disabilities.  Over $11,000 was raised, according to a Pi Kap judge. 

Sophomore Pi Kap member Michael McCluskey spoke about the importance of the philanthropy. 

“The Ability Experience is a central tenet in our organization,” McCluskey said. “It influences how we do a lot of the things that we do and it helps us conduct ourselves in the way that we do.”

The week’s events included a 24-hour bike marathon, a penny collection contest and a fundraiser at Potbelly Sandwich Shop.

The week ended with a sorority singing competition in the Campus Commons. Each sorority performed shorts songs about The Ability Experience and nominated a representative for the Miss Pi Kap Push portion of the competition.

“I love how involved Pi Kap is with their philanthropy and it was really great being able to participate in the competition,”  said Heather Binder,  Alpha Chi Omega coach.

 Zeta Tau Alpha won the overall participation category for the seventh consecutive year. 

The winners of Pi Kap Push week were as follows:

Overall Participation in Pi Kap Push week:

Winner: Zeta Tau Alpha

First-runner up: Delta Delta Delta

Second-runner up: Chi Omega

Miss Pi Kapp Push:

Winner: Delta Gamma

First-runner up: Kappa Kappa Gamma

Second-runner up: Alpha Chi Omega

Pi Kapp Push Song Competition:

Winner: Delta Delta Delta

First-runner up: Chi Omega

Second-runner up: Delta Gamma


Chi Omega performing in front of the Pi Kapp judges. (Nicole Strong/TCU360)
Chi Omega performing in front of the Pi Kap judges (Nicole Strong/TCU360).

First-year Zeta member Sarah Kunka said the event brought the Greek community together to fundraise for an important cause.