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Ignite President and Vice President of SGA propose the initiative to put free feminine products in restrooms across TCU campus.
TCU's Ignite proposes resolution to support free menstrual products in campus restrooms
By Addison Thummel, Staff Writer
Published Mar 4, 2024
SGA shows unanimous support for Ignite's proposal to provide free feminine hygiene products in the restrooms of all academic buildings on TCU's campus.

TCU alumnus competes in renowned fishing tournament

One TCU alumnus’s passion for kayak fishing has led him to take on the Texas tournament scene.
Guillermo Gonzalez graduated from TCU in 2013 and competed in the Kayak Angler’s Tournament Series Classic Elite Championship on Sunday Oct. 16.
The tournament is one of the largest fishing competitions in the state, attracting anglers from all over Texas who shared a common goal– catch the biggest bass in the lake.
The championship was spread out across three lakes. Before the final lake on Sunday, Gonzalez had won two out of the three lakes and had one to go.
He claimed tenth place out of the 35 finalists who competed in the championship, allowing him to finish second overall in the entire tournament series.

Guillermo Gonzalez and his friend Joseph Sanderson competed in the final round of the Kayak Anglers Tournament Series on Oct. 16.
Guillermo Gonzalez and his friend Joseph Sanderson competed in the final round of the Kayak Anglers Tournament Series on Oct. 16.

“After winning the first two events of the Classic Elite Series, I couldn’t defend my title as Classic Champion,” Gonzalez said. “I had the bites to finish it, but God had different plans.”
Although he did not bring home the KATS championship, Gonzalez says he still had an incredible year.
“Recently I’ve been on a pretty hot streak,” Gonzalez said. “I’ve won five out of my last six tournaments [before KATS], and I’m not sure that anyone in Texas, at least in kayak fishing, has ever done that.”
However, competition remains stiff, and Gonzalez says he’s only as good as his next tournament.
“I have to be careful, and I have to try to stay sharp because I can easily let [recent success] make me complacent,” Gonzalez said.
Luckily, the Dallas-Fort Worth area is home to a wide selection of lakes and rivers. Gonzalez says he stays on his toes by practicing at as many different locations as possible.
Below is a map of Gonzalez’s favorite spots. He says each location aids in polishing specific skill areas.

Gonzalez says he would one day love to take part in national competitions, but will first continue to focus on Texas tournaments.
“For the time being, I feel like a good goal is to be the best angler I can be in the current realm that I’m fishing in,” Gonzalez said.
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