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Students squeezed at Market Square, renovations looming

Market Square may be seeing renovations as early as this summer. (Ernest Dominick / TCU360)

Students could notice shorter lines and faster meals in Market Square next fall.

TCU Dining Services told SGA last month that they are planning to completely overhaul and renovate Market Square as soon as summer 2017.

The renovations, which will be scheduled with many factors in mind including other campus construction, will aim to address issues that students are currently experiencing in Market Square, such as long lines and limited space during busy times.

Market Square was designed for a capacity of around 7 million meals, by last spring the facility had served over 11 million meals, said Michael Dahl, the general manager of dining services.

Market Square is frequently overcrowded during popular meal times and there’s limited space to maneuver around the facility.

Some students are looking forward to the impending changes.

“I feel like they could put more space where the lines are because when lines are long you can’t move around,” sophomore nursing Michala Rodriguez said. “You can’t walk around to get to other lines because it’s so congested.”

TCU Dining Services is attempting to ease congestions until the renovations take place. Dining Services recently added a “meal exchange” option to several of the meal plans, with the idea of encouraging students to try other dining locations across campus and easing the crowd burden on Market Square. Students are able to exchange a Market Square “meal” for food at another dining services location, such as King Family Commons.

Unlimited meal plans receive 10 meal exchanges, while the Flex 7 plan comes with 50 and the Flex 12 plan comes with 100.

Although there are some problems with the current food service in Market Square, students acknowledge that Market Square has many positive aspects, as well.

“Lunch and breakfast are good at [Market Square],” sophomore movement science major Curtis Hansen said. “It’s convenient to be able to get as much food as I want pretty much whenever I want.”

Students have also enjoyed improvements this fall such as new plates, fresh options for meals and a “Sunday brunch” that is offered each Sunday.

“Food on Sundays this year is a lot better than it was last year,” Hansen said.

Rodriguez said the atmosphere of Market Square is generally positive, despite the crowds.

“The people are really friendly every time I go in there,” Rodriguez said. “There are always people trying to help and put new things out.”

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