What's on the ballot: State Representatives

By Madalyn Shircliff

The Texas State House of Representatives is made up of 150 members of various districts, each of whom serve two years at a time. This year, the 109 gets to elect their state representative.
So, who’s running?
Craig Goldman is the incumbent Republican candidate who has served District 97 since 2012. He serves on the Special Purpose Districts Committee and the Land and Resource Management Committee.
Goldman wants to secure the border, cut government spending, and “keep taxes low and implement pro-growth policies to create a climate for individuals to prosper and thrive.”
Elizabeth Tarrant is challenging Goldman as a Democrat. Tarrant wants to reform the criminal justice system, is pro-choice and wants to secure the separation of church and state.
She also wants in-state tuition for “young immigrants who grew up in Texas most of their lives and who were brought here through no choice of their own but because their parents illegally migrated with them in tow.”
Patrick Wentworth is the Libertarian candidate, there’s very little information about him online, but he aligns with the Libertarian party’s platform of small government in the economic and social realms.