Out of options: Voters consider third party candidates


Few voters braved the weather at Trinity Chapel.

By Meagan Thompson

Few voters braved the weather at Trinity Chapel.
Few voters braved the weather at Trinity Chapel.

A problem voiced during the process leading up to the election has been the feeling of lack of options regarding candidates.

Voters having problems with both candidates has led to the consideration of third party voting.

During five primaries “just more than half [of Republicans] say they’d be satisfied with Trump as the nominee against Hillary Clinton, but about four in 10 say they’d seriously consider a third-party candidate,” according to ABCNews.

But today is Election Day, and Trump is on the ballot as the GOP candidate, which means it’s time for those Republicans who were considering third party candidates to face the music.

Among the few who were at Trinity Chapel this morning were dissatisfied voters Lauren Bennett and Sarah Stone.

Bennett, a 37-year-old part-time copywriter and stay-at-home mom, voted early this year.

When asked who she would vote for, Bennett gave a long sigh. “I voted for Donald Trump,” she said through gritted teeth.

Bennett did not vote for Trump in the primary and “in this election I considered [voting third party], and I felt like I would be taking a vote away from someone who has more of a capacity to win,” she said.

Bennett’s husband shares in her frustration with the candidates, she said. “My husband said ‘I voted, and now I feel like I need to take a shower.’”

Stone has not voted yet, but says she will make the leap to a third-party candidate.

“I strongly considered third-party candidates,” said Stone, “I’m probably going to vote for Gary Johnson.”