Registered voter chooses not to vote in election based on faith


Members of a Bible study at Trinity Chapel talk about how faith impacted their decision to vote — or not vote.(China Perkins/ TCU 360)

By China Perkins

Few voters showed up to the Trinity Chapel in Fort Worth around lunchtime, where a group of women was holding their weekly Bible study in the church.

The group of women varied in their selections for the presidential candidate. One woman said she voted for third-party candidate Gary Johnson; others mentioned they voted for major party candidates.

One of them, however, based their decision on whether to vote around her faith.

Karen Dennis, a member of the women’s Bible study at the church, said she did not vote in this election.

“I can’t personally feel good about voting for either candidate,” Dennis said. “I know that God is in control of it no matter how it ends up, so I’m letting God take the reigns and not making the decision myself.”

The 31-year-old said this was the first time she did not participate in a general election since she registered at the age of 18.

“Not voting was a hard decision to come to,” Dennis said.

One of Dennis’ major reasons for choosing not to vote was that she could not decide “the lesser of the two evils.”

Dennis said whoever is elected will have major issues to face when taking office.

“I’m not sure where the country is going, but we are all seeing a lot of what is wrong with the country that we weren’t necessarily seeing before,” Dennis said.

Dennis said she doesn’t know where the future of the United States is headed, but she will rely on her faith to understand it.

“I have hope that God will lead whichever candidate to be very active and make our country great again,” Dennis said.