Beloved Fort Worth businessman dies at age 64

By Garrett Podell

George Salinas, a beloved Fort Worth tire and auto shop owner known for his humor and kindness, died at age 64 on Friday, Jan. 9.
The owner of G&M Tire & Services at 3524 S. Hills Avenue was known for his ties to the TCU and Fort Worth communities alike.
“The most profound legacy that he left was how he interacted with customers through kindness and sense of humor,” said nephew Marty Salinas Jr., who will take over the family business. “George took a lot of pride in his knowledge of the automotive industry, but more so in how he interacted with the customers and community.”
His connections to the community extended to nearby TCU.
“He worked on all of the TCU PD patrol cars that were out of warranty from our original provider, and we were there several times a week visiting with him,”  said Sgt. Cathy Moody of the TCU Police Department. “He was helpful to many students and he always told students that he would take care of them if they had car issues.”
Salinas’ kindness was extended to family, friends, and everyone in Fort Worth. “That was in his heart to be a part of the TCU community and help people out,” said Joshua Biggs, George’s stepson. “He’s been in Fort Worth for over 40 years and always rooted for TCU and the community.”
Salinas Jr. said the business will continue to maintain all connections to the TCU police department, TCU, and the Fort Worth community.
“He was very committed to the TCU community, and he loved helping all of the faculty, staff, and students at TCU,” Moody said.
Salinas is survived by his wife, Karen Salinas; daughters, Michelle Carr, Christina Schuchman and Kylee Salinas; son, Michael Schuchman; stepson, Joshua Biggs; nephew, Marty Salinas Jr.; and seven grandchildren.
Salinas’ memorial service will be Tuesday, Jan. 10 at 11:30 a.m. in the Greenwood Chapel.