Christ Chapel goes around the world in one night


The church was decorated with the three represented countries’ colors — Ethiopia, Brazil and El Salvador.

By Madison Goforth

Christ Chapel made traveling to three different countries in one night possible.

The event, Around the World in One Night, was held on Friday at Christ Chapel Bible Church. The church was transformed into a mission trip experience.

Around the World in One Night raised awareness and excitement about the mission work Christ Chapel is participating in around the globe, said Bob Tribbel, a volunteer for the event.

The first stop, after walking into the church, was the airport check-in where attendees received a ticket and a passport.

Families followed the plane routes to three different countries from around the globe: El Salvador, Ethiopia and Brazil. Each stop along the trip was in a separate room and included music, food and activities unique to the country like jewelry making in El Salvador and a photo booth in Brazil.

The global missions pastor asked not to be identified because he works in countries where it is illegal to be a Christian. His team wanted to highlight some of the homegrown mission programs around the world that have started at Christ Chapel, he said.

“The thing about the gospel is that it is all relational,” he said. “Some people think religion means we have to follow these dos and don’ts and we have to go to church, and it’s not. It has everything to do with starting a relationship with Jesus because you need a savior.”

Christ Chapel supports more than 40 missionaries around the world. The global missions pastor said the church sends 12 to 13 short-term trips every year.

While some of the church’s members have gone only once, others have taken multiple trips.

“We go to share the gospel,” said church member Daniel Hitri. “We go to the neighborhoods and use the Evangecube, which illustrates how Jesus is the only way to have eternal life.”

According to, “Evangecube ® is a seven-picture cube that simply and clearly unfolds the gospel of Jesus Christ. The cube opens to show the separation of man from God, Christ’s death on the cross, open tomb, Christ’s resurrection, heaven and hell, followers of Christ.”

Hitri has been to El Salvador two times and is going back for a week later this year.

“My favorite part of the event tonight is the goats,” he said. “In the marketplaces in El Salvador, goats are always walking around everywhere.”

Around the World in One Night was the first event of Christ Chapel’s M28 weekend. The weekend aims to support involvement in missions and educate members on what the church is doing to help missionaries all over the globe. You can learn more about Christ Chapel Bible Church by going to