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Students learn proper etiquette during dinner

Students learn the proper direction to pass items at the dinner table Photo credit: Taylor Boser

TCU students received etiquette lessons Thursday evening on everything from when to use which fork at a formal dinner, to the proper way to pass the salt and pepper.

The Etiquette Dinner, organized by Student Developmental Services and hosted at Sherley Hall, gave students the opportunity to learn the proper manners in a formal setting.

“We want students to be able to hold their own in a job interview,” Colby Hall Director Jennifer Sepulveda said.

The students were seated at tables next to strangers. Each seating spot at the table had a salad plate, three forks, two knives, a spoon, a bread plate, two drink glasses, a coffee cup and a napkin.

“The goal is to have students be able to focus on the moment, not if they’re eating wrong,” Sherley Hall Director Andrew Arvay said.

Students from all grade levels were taught more etiquette skills as the evening progressed.

“I had been to an etiquette dinner in high school, but I thought this would be fun to learn new little tricks,” said Paige Browning, sophomore Movement Science major.

The purpose of having the dinner in Colby Hall Cove was to create a home-like atmosphere Sepulveda said.

“It’s nice for students to have meals that are plated instead of just grabbing food buffet style,” Arvay said.

Sodexo provided the food for the dinner. Guests were served salad, bread, pasta, chicken, green beans and chocolate cake.

This was the first etiquette dinner that TCU Housing had provided for students.

The event was promoted on

“We may try to do this again next year, but there also may be similar programs here and there,” Arvay said.

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