Security cameras on campus serve to deter crime


There are about 2500 lenses on campus. The security cameras in Moudy South. Photo Credit: Sara Colbert

By Sara Colbert

About 10 years ago, TCU had various issues with motor vehicle crime and installed security cameras and other crime prevention mechanisms to help control it.

Today, there are about 2,500 security cameras stationed around campus to deter crime.

“The cameras are for forensic purposes only,” said TCU detective Robert Rangel. “We don’t monitor the cameras.”

Rangel said a few years ago there was a group of people that would steal books after hours at different universities around the country. Multiple Texas universities were targeted.

The TCU security cameras were able to catch this group and inform other universities of their identities.

“The TCU police department has the time, the experience, the expertise and, thanks to the cameras, the evidence to identify you and arrest you if you commit a crime on campus,” said Rangel.

Moudy South is being updated this summer and the budget includes adding security cameras to the building.

Rangel said every building on campus has cameras at the entrance. However, most of the buildings have cameras on all entrances, elevators and areas where there are valuable items, such as computers.

Cameras are not added to any reasonable places of privacy like bathrooms or inside residence hall rooms.