Student Body President, VP of external head to runoff

Student government elections are upon us. Here is a look at the candidates and their platforms.
Source: SGA Facebook

Student government elections are upon us. Here is a look at the candidates and their platforms. Source: SGA Facebook

By Elizabeth Campbell

A record number of votes has left contenders for two top spots in the Student Government Association facing run offs next Tuesday.

There were 3,497 votes cast in Thursday’s election.

Ben Taylor and Michael McCluskey are vying to Student Body President for the 2017-18 academic year.

Taylor ran on the slogan “Be Heard” with the intent of bridging the gap between university administration and faculty and students. His campaign included videos on Facebook and a giant inflatable beach ball he brought around campus for supporters to sign.

McCluskey ran on the slogan “I like Mike” and his campaign focused on bringing people together and ensuring every student finds their home on campus.

The Vice President of External Affairs candidates Hudson Trent and Allie Strehle are also in a run-off.

Trent’s campaign focused on being accessible to students and servicing as a liaison between the SGA and organizations on and off campus. Strehle’s focused on connecting, engaging and advancing students and the Fort Worth community.

Trent said he is honored to be a part of the run off election.

“The campaign has been such a fun way to get to know the many incredible and passionate people I’d be serving as VPE, which has made me even more excited for the opportunity,” Trent said. “I’m looking forward to getting to know even more people the next few days, and to find out ways I can help them next year.”

Abbey Widick won the election for Vice President of Operations. Her campaign focused on hearing ideas from students that she collected during meetings with them and promising to help empower them to turn their vision into a reality.

Cara Doll, who was unopposed, will serve as treasurer. She said she wanted to focus on transparency and accessibility for students regarding SGA funds.

Caroline Pullman, Chair of SGA’s Elections and Regulations Committee, said there will no more official SGA campaign events before the runoff and that all candidates have until Monday to remove their signs.

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