How to help Hurricane Harvey flooding victims

By Shane Battis

Relief is needed after the devastation from Tropical Storm Harvey, a Category 4 hurricane turned tropical storm that displaced many South Texas residents from their homes over the weekend.

According to the National Weather Service, rainfall and life-threatening flooding is expected to continue in coming days.

While cities near the Texas coast recover from Harvey, Fort Worth residents can help relief efforts by donating through these organizations:

The American Red Cross

  • Click here to send donations online
  • Call 1-800-HELP NOW (1-800-435-7669) to donate by phone
  • Click here for a donation form to mail to the address below:
    • American Red Cross
      PO Box 37839
      Boone, IA 50037-0839

The Salvation Army

  • Click here to send donations online
  • Call 1-800-SAL-ARMY
  • Checks can be made out to “Hurricane Harvey” and sent to the address below:
    • The Salvation Army
      PO BOX 1959
      Atlanta, GA 30301  

Trusted World

  • Click here to send donations online
  • Mail donations to the address below:
    • Trusted World
      906 W. McDermott Dr.
      Suite 116-277
      Allen, Texas 75013

SPCA of Texas

  • Click here to send donations online
  • Donate to their Amazon wish list by clicking here
  • North Texans can foster animals in SPCA shelters by signing up here

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund by The Greater Houston Community Foundation

  • Click here to send donations online


  • Click here to send donations online

Money is useful but there are other necessary supplies that can’t be bought.

A news release from BioBridge Global said blood supplies in South Texas hospitals are being strained by a surge of patients. The release states that the type O negative blood supply is at “critically low levels” and all blood types are encouraged to donate.

Fort Worth has several blood donation centers located on the map below.