SGA announces X Ambassadors as fall concert


X Ambassadors perform during NFL Super Bowl 51 football. (AP Photo)

By Tamera Hyatte and William Konig

The TCU Student Government Association (SGA) announced Tuesday that the fall concert for students will feature X Ambassadors.

They released a video on their Facebook page to announce the choice of X Ambassadors.

The X Ambassadors is a rock band from Ithaca, New York. Some of their most famous songs include Renegades which has 60 million views on Youtube and Unsteady with 62 million views. Their most current song is called Ahead of Myself and was released in July.

They have a few concerts coming up in California and New York that are in September that will lead up to the TCU fall concert.

Students have expressed different reactions to the fall concert pick. Joel Wright, a senior electrical engineering major, said he is a big fan of the group.

“I’m honestly just glad that SGA has brought in a good mix of styles throughout the year,” he said. “X Ambassadors has a very unique sound and I think a lot of people will enjoy it, even if they’ve never heard of them before.”

Johnny Peterson, a junior marketing major, said he has never heard any music by the rock band.

“I’ve actually never heard of X Ambassadors,” he said. “I hope that they’re good.”

Previous fall concert headliners include Mike Posner, Hunter Hayes and Jason Derulo.

The fall concert will take place Oct. 6 in the TCU Commons and is free for all TCU students.