Frog Corps Director Steps Down


Director Brad White stands in front of the Frog Corps during a concert. Photo Credit: Paul Cortese

By Ryan Myers

Brad White stands in front of the Frog Corps at the end of a concert. Photo Credit: Brad White

Brad White, the founder of TCU’s all-male choir, is stepping down. White started the Frog Corps in 2011 at the request of the choral department in the school of music.

White was the essence of Frog Corps and connected personally with the members, said A.J. Cott, a senior education major and four-year member of the Frog Corps. 

“He was a good friend,” Cott said. “He put his heart and soul into the choir and he put his heart and soul into the guys.”

White said his favorite memory was the day in 2011 when Chancellor Victor Boschini came to a rehearsal and was so impressed he decided to purchase purple blazers for the members. The blazers, which the Frog Corps wear to their performances at sporting events, concerts and other university functions, have become a trademark of the group.

“It really sort of helped with the course of Frog Corps over history,” White said.

White said it was hard to step down as director, but it was time for “some new blood to come in.” 

White will remain with the group in an advisory role as Director Emeritus.

Dr. Christopher Aspaas, the director of choral activities for the school of music, is the new director. Before coming to TCU, Aspaas was a conductor of St. Olaf’s Viking Chorus, a 90-voice first-year male choir.

White said he believes that the program will continue to excel under Aspaas.

“If I could hand pick anyone in the United States to do Frog Corps, to be honest with you, it would be Dr. Aspaas.”