New school year, new SGA representatives


Photo from @jack_leonhard twitter page

By Shelby Kitson

A new school year means the class of 2021 has elected their two new representatives for the Student Government Association.  

SGA President Ben Taylor is pleased to start working with their new representatives, Jack Leonhard and Caleb Ervin, for the 2017-2018 school year.  

“I’m really excited about the new class of reps,” Taylor said. “Every year it’s always an excitement to get them into House and get the appointed members as well.”  

First-year representative, Jack Leonhard from Southlake, Texas, said he is ready to address the issues his peers and community members have.  

“I think being their servant would mean going to them, listening to their concerns and figuring out exactly what they want out of their student government experience and their TCU experience,” Leonhard said. “As far as I’m concerned there’s nothing that is off limits as it relates to our university.”  

Leonhard said he is planning on working to resolve several issues on TCU’s campus as well as reforming elections for upcoming years.  

“Issues that matter to me are involved on college campuses such as sexual assault prevention and mental health awareness initiatives,” he said. “And maybe tweaking that [election code] a little bit and making it a more open process to make sure the people in the house are the people that best represent our student body.”  

Leonhard said he plans on connecting with students through different social media outlets, town hall meetings and as well as in person. He said people will most likely respond to social media posts more than anything in today’s society.  

“I think social media is a very powerful tool that especially members of our generation have to communicate with other members of our generation,” Leonhard said. “I’m excited about getting out there, getting on social media, getting to person to person and figuring out exactly what we want to get out of this year and what we want to get out of the next four years.”  

Taylor said the student body can expect each of the new representatives to help better TCU for the next few years to come.  

“They can look forward to each of these new representatives being provided with the opportunities and resources they need to pursue their passions and whatever they think is important on campus to better the TCU experience,” he said.   

Leonhard would also like to thank the class of 2021 for electing him as their representative and feels honored and humble. 

More information about the House of Representatives is provided on the TCU SGA website.