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Ignite President and Vice President of SGA propose the initiative to put free feminine products in restrooms across TCU campus.
TCU's Ignite proposes resolution to support free menstrual products in campus restrooms
By Addison Thummel, Staff Writer
Published Mar 4, 2024
SGA shows unanimous support for Ignite's proposal to provide free feminine hygiene products in the restrooms of all academic buildings on TCU's campus.

Aronofsky’s mother! deceives the audience

Photo by Paramount Pictures

“mother!” is a psychological thriller from Darren Aronofsky that can be seen as a metaphor for the some of the conflicts facing society.

As “Mother Earth,” Jennifer Lawrence has rebuilt a rustic mansion in the middle of a forest with her husband, played by Javier Bardem. Their paradise is soon invaded by people and their home is slowly destroyed.

Director Aronofsky played a trick on his audience that very few saw coming.

“mother!” was advertised as a psychological horror film that, in the end is a psychological thriller but with something extra added in by Aronofsky. The audience was either confused in the end of what just happened or upset that they just went and saw this movie.

I would like to warn people that this movie may be seen as offensive to many viewers and should not be taken lightly. This is not a typical movie, and the viewer should be ready to have their mind tormented with or even have their values questioned.

Throughout the movie, many will notice the blatant metaphors to biblical characters and stories. Aronofsky made sure that his audience knows he is not pleased with the way Christians are acting in this world.

Technically speaking, this is a well-made movie. We are supposed to be viewing the events through “Mother Earth’s” perspective as the world is destroyed by the people in it. Lawrence gives a haunting performance, as you get a sick feeling watching the event unfold around her.

Bardem also gives a great performance as “God” or the “Creator.” His role in the movie is to show that “God” is in love with all the attention he is getting from people worshiping him, but he is never pleased and wants more.

The story starts out slow, but the second half is fast-paced and full of “wow” moments. The last 20 minutes of this film are thrown at you and Aronofsky was not holding back what was on his mind.

Verdict: This movie is good because of the performances by Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem. I respect the fact that Darren Aronofsky had the guts to make a controversial opinion come to life in his film. I wish that he came out and said what this film was about rather than hide behind this “horror” movie he said it was. While some Christians may be offended by this movie, I think it is worth seeing because it is thought provoking and I can’t stop thinking about it.


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