TCU Police Department enforcing new safety policies for ESPN College GameDay


TCU’s Delta Tau Delta chapter has been suspended after hazing allegations.

By Corinne Hildebrandt

Fans who come out to the Campus Commons this weekend for ESPN’s College GameDay should expect an increase of police presence as TCU tries to strike a balance between safety and fun.

TCU has been working on new safety plans for a while, such as increased supervision and stricter policies regarding entering Amon G. Carter Stadium and the Commons, officer Tom McLaughlin said. 

However, officer George Steen said the recent Las Vegas attack has affected the way they are approaching this weekend’s events.

“We will just have to look at things a little more diligently when searching for any indicators in the crowd,” he said. “We want to make sure our students and guests know that we’re here to make them as safe as possible but also allow them to still be able to enjoy the game.”

To monitor who is entering and leaving the event, Steen said several police officers will be at all points of entrance to the Commons. Additionally, both TCU police and Fort Worth police will be stationed throughout the crowd to look for any suspicious behavior.

“If a person is in fan gear and looks like a student, that is fine,” said Steen. “It’s the people who don’t characteristically look like fans that we will keep a closer eye on.”

In addition to increased campus surveillance, the stadium will be locked Friday and people will only be granted access if they have an escort.

“Everybody entering has to be on a list, have an access card or have a person escorting them around the stadium once we go into the lockdown mode,” McLaughlin said.  

More cameras are also being installed throughout Frog Alley and TCU’s campus.

“We’re putting cameras in purposely for game day,” Steen said. “We aren’t trying to make a secret of it.”

College GameDay is Saturday from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. in the Commons.