Melt ice cream shop embraces Halloween with magical flavors


For its Harry Potter Extravaganza, Melt is offering a Wizard Sundae topped with butter beer sauce, pumpkin juice sauce, rosemary “rock cake” crumbles, whipped cream and a chocolate frog!

By Kelsey Emery

Melt ice cream-goers lined up outside Magnolia Street to try some new treats in time for Halloween.

In honor of the holiday, Melt Ice Creams is hosting an all-out Harry Potter Extravangaza Week from Oct. 24- 31.

Before customers head inside Melt, they are greeted with a note taped to the front door that reads “Mr. H Potter, The cupboard under the stairs, 4 Privet Drive.” Spooky organ music plays overhead and a copy of the Marauder’s map is playfully painted on the front window.

Inside, customers have the opportunity to buy four new flavors, a seasonal sundae and a Cone That Must Not Be Named.

“It’s been great,” Melt’s cashier, Alex Vinh, said. “It’s freezing outside but there’s still so much business coming in.”

Anna Prukop, TCU junior, said she didn’t know about the Harry Potter Extravangaza until she saw other people going on social media.

“We saw other people going on Snapchat, our littles came in costumes in full robes, and we were like, we have to go,” she said.

Expecto Pumpkinum, Goblin’s Delight, Green-Gott’s Bank, and Anything from the Trolley are just a few of the -magical- flavors being offered.

With Halloween around the corner, Melt Ice Creams has created a special Harry Potter menu to celebrate.

Better than the ice cream though, might be the decor and detail. Letters to Privet Drive, keys with wings, and black half-melted candles hang from the ceiling. Wanted posters of Harry Potter decorate the walls and a sorting hat sits up high in a corner.

“Actually, in the bathroom, they have on the mirror, scribbled out, ‘the Chamber of Secrets has been opened’ in red,” customer Jordan said. “I thought that was funny.”

The “Wizarding World of Magical Flavors,” as Melt calls itself, ends on November 1st.

Accio, ice cream!