Students react to the nutty squirrels on campus


Squirrels on TCU’s campus are not normal

By Sara Colbert

The acorn-seeking squirrels on campus have earned a reputation as being friendly and comfortable around students at TCU.

The squirrels are so well known around campus that they have an Instagram and Twitter account.

The @TCUSquirrels Twitter page tweets consistently about TCU from a squirrel’s perspective. On Instagram, the squirrels of TCU posts videos of the squirrels doing unique things on campus.

Some students say the squirrels are friendly and have a sporadic nature.

Junior Ben Banogu said he told a teacher once that he came to TCU for the squirrels.

He was sitting in an early class, and when the professor asked him why he came to TCU: “I looked out the window and said, ‘the squirrels’ and everyone thought it was funny so I just took it and ran with it. I was being sarcastic, though.”

Cute from a distance, the squirrels can also be intimidating, sophomore Madeleine Young said.

“There are times when I’m walking to class and an acorn falls in front of me, and I feel like the squirrel is out to get me,” she said.

Senior Matt Radich said that one time, he saw a squirrel play dead in front of the library. He said the squirrel laid there still with its eyes open.

Senior Madison Penn said she thinks the squirrels are “spazzy.”

“They run in front of you all the time,” she said.

Thank you emily for this sweet video of this psycho squirrel #lovemyfans #squirrelfanclub #thursdaynight

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But not everyone has caught onto the squirrel hype on campus. Some say the squirrels aren’t anything special.

Senior Kathryn Perkins said she thinks the squirrels are just average squirrels. She has never seen anything unusual happen with the squirrels.

“I think squirrels on any campus are friendly and happy because they are around people all the time,” she said.

Whether the squirrels at TCU are a normal breed or not, they definitely are well known around the TCU campus.