TCU to add new general counsel on staff


Students seeking academic accommodations can go to Sadler hall to set up their first meeting. Photo credit: ATMTX Photography

By Mackinley Bullock

TCU is addressing its need for legal help by hiring an on-campus attorney or general counsel responsible for understanding the extensive laws and regulations affecting the university.

In a campus-wide email sent in January Chancellor Victor Boschini announced the university had narrowed its search for a general counsel to a slate of finalists, hoping to hire someone in February.

Chancellor Boschini announced in January that TCU was searching for a new general counsel.

Boschini said the general counsel will be responsible for assisting faculty and staff in better understanding policies, managing legal affairs within the student-centered culture and bringing innovative initiatives to the growth of TCU.

“The selection committee is looking for a candidate who will remember to put TCU students, faculty and staff first,” Boschini said. “The individuals on the selection committee are the ones that will work closest with the counsel and will determine who would fit the job perfectly.”

Henry Lagrimini, the membership services assistant at the National Association of College and University Attorneys said having a team of attorneys is a huge asset to colleges and universities.

“Colleges hire attorneys to make sure that they are up to date and compliant with the rules and regulations placed on them,” Lagrimini said.

Lagrimini said most issues universities encounter involve Title IX, a law prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sex.

Boschini said setting up the new on-campus office is entirely up to the general counsel.

“They are the experts,” Boschini said. “We want them to set up their new office in the way that they feel would be best.”

Lagrimini said the set up of a general counsel depends on what resources the university provides.

For comparison, Baylor and SMU both have general counsels. Baylor has a staff of 10 which includes six attorneys, and SMU’s staff of eight has five.