TCU’s Elite Dance Team is heading to USA Nationals


By Macy Yates

The Women’s Elite Dance Team, a club sports team at TCU, is heading to the USA Nationals in Anaheim, California, for the third year in a row.

This competition will be a step toward reaching a goal the team members set for themselves at the beginning of the school year.

Coach Lauren Hill says there has been a lot of leadership throughout their practices, which has helped in keeping the team morale high.

“The leadership has been really positive and it’s been just cool to see all the new freshman come on and have such a great, positive attitude,” she said. “Everyone has been having a really fun time and it’s really cool to see them grow as people and as dancers at the same time.”

TCU Elite has been going to this competition in California for three years after transitioning from competing in a National Dance Alliance competition in Florida.

Junior Alex Wuller says the team has been able to excel because this competition fits them better overall.

“Our team is about 75 percent Californian, so we know the teams we are going up against,” Wuller said. “We know more of what we think the judges would like.”

The team has received a higher placement at this competition each year, and they are hopeful to continue that trend Feb 23. However, enjoying their time as a team is most important to them.

“Last year we were fourth, so anything up from that would be great,” Hill said. “But, honestly, we are more just about enjoying dancing than being number one. We would like to do both if that’s possible, but we will be fine with just having fun too.”