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GrandMarc lottery leaves some students upset


Many rising sophomore students are confused and irritated following the announcement of who will be able to live in GrandMarc next year.

GrandMarc at Westberry Place offers one to four-bedroom apartments near campus that include a kitchen and individual bedrooms and bathrooms. The apartment-style living is what separates it from other on-campus sophomore living options, which are a continuation of dorm-style.

TCU Housing and Residence Life master leases and manages a certain number of beds from GrandMarc which are considered on-campus living for sophomores who must meet the two-year on-campus housing requirements. How TCU Housing chooses to fill those master leased beds is out of GrandMarc’s control, said Craig Wack, public relations coordinator for the GrandMarc.

Upper-division students who have already met the two-year on-campus housing requirement could choose to have a private lease option, which includes being able to lease one room at a time. Anyone who isn’t required to live on-campus can still apply to live in GrandMarc through its management, Wack said.

However, for those rising sophomores, the only option to score a spot for the TCU leased rooms was through a randomly generated lottery geared toward students looking for on-campus housing.

TCU offered an “Early sign up” with 400 beds available for rising seniors who still wanted to lease through TCU and kept the remaining 800 beds open to be decided by the housing lottery which took place March 27, Craig Allen, director of housing and residence life said.

GrandMarc interior.

“I got lucky with my time slot being early in the morning,” Katherine Stephanian, first-year Strategic Communication major said. “It allowed me to get a room in GrandMarc, but most of my friends were not able to get the housing they wanted because they had later time slots.”

The kitchen is the main attraction and difference you get with living in GrandMarc, Stephanian said. And while some people like Stephanian got lucky, other students will have to settle for another year of dorm life.

“I wanted GrandMarc so badly, but the rooms filled up too quick for me and my roommates to get a chance at having a room,” Caroline Johnston, first-year pre-business major, said.

Johnston agreed that the kitchen is what attracted her and her roommates to GrandMarc. They wanted to be able to cook their own food without having to get a meal-plan like you have to with sophomore living, said Johnston.

Sophomore living allows for each resident to have their own room with the addition of a suite-style bathroom, which means having to share a bathroom with one other person.

Greek students also may have the opportunity to live in their respective houses, but that means likely having a roommate and bathrooms that are community style.

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