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It’s not too late to register to vote for the midterm elections


With control of the House and Senate in the balance, some analysts and pundits are expecting high voter turnout for the midterm elections.

College students have the option of registering to vote locally or requesting an absentee ballot and casting their vote in their home states.

Students who are planning to vote in the Nov. 6 election said this is their way to make a change in their community and on a federal level. The deadline to register to vote for the upcoming November election is Oct. 9. The deadline to apply for a ballot by mail is Oct. 26.

“I think voting as a college student is especially important since we are the future of this country,” said Hannah Shipley, a senior strategic communication major. “I think it is extremely important to make your voice heard.”

The tricky part for college students is figuring out where to vote.  

Lauren Waldman, a senior history and educational studies double major, said finding how to apply for an absentee ballot was simple — she googled it.

Waldman plans to vote absentee in her home state of Florida.

“We have something to say and we need to say it,” Waldman said. “I think it’s really important that we vote as opposed to not voting and letting older generations who have different mindsets vote and decide everything.”

Tarrant County election officials said they mail ballots to students all over the United States — but to vote by mail, the student must first apply.

“Living away from home should not prevent college students from voting,” said Grasie Alvarado, the Tarrant County elections manager. “If anything, absentee voting helps college students to vote.”

Students must request a ballot by mail from their home county, provide their permanent address and request for a ballot to be mailed to their campus address.

After the request is received, students should expect to receive a voter registration certificate in the mail, along with a ballot that must be filled out and returned. 

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