The race for the U.S. Senate has voters on close watch


The BLUU may no longer be able to host an early-voting site due to a new state law. (Photo courtesy: Brandon Kitchin)

By Corinne Hildebrandt

Of the 100 seats in the U.S. Senate, 35 are in play for this year’s midterm election. The outcome will determine the balance of the Senate’s power for the next two years.

The Republican Party currently controls the Senate with 51 seats. If Democrats can claim a majority, the conservative agenda will be stunted as the Republican Party won’t have the same ability to send proposed bills to the president based on their votes alone.

This interactive map breaks down each Senate seat up for re-election. The map ranks states based on whether they are likely to stay safe to their current political party or at risk of flipping.

The incumbent Democrats who are considered safe are represented by dark blue states. The incumbent Republicans who are considered safe are represented by dark red states. The lighter shades show contested races in which the incumbent could lose.

Source: 270toWin