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TCU alumni connect with each other at Guy Fieri’s Dive & Taco Joint in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. on Friday Oct. 7, 2022. (Photo courtesy of Tristen Smith)
How TCU's alumni chapters keep the Horned Frog spirit alive post-grad
By Addison Thummel, Staff Writer
Published May 11, 2024
TCU graduates can stay connected with the Horned Frog community with alumni chapters across the nation.

What we’re reading: U.S. gets closer to North Korean denuclearization tensions with China grow

A photograph from North Korea’s state news agency showing Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, center left, next to the North’s leader, Kim Jong-un, during a luncheon at a state guesthouse in Pyongyang, North Korea, on Sunday.CreditCreditKorean Central News Agency, via Associated Press

We’re back and we’re reading – everything from the “New York Times” to the “Wall Street Journal.” We’re trying to help you keep up with the rapid pace of politics and policy. Today we’ve got a new report on climate change, another meeting with North Korea and havoc in Haiti.

U.S. Secretary of State has another sit down with Kim Jong-un

Another meeting between Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was held Sunday.

According to the New York Times, there are reports that a second summit with President Trump and Mr. Kim will occur soon.

While a date and location for the summit has yet to be determined, Pompeo announced that Kim has agreed to allow outside inspectors.

For now, Kim has not agreed to completely denuclearize, but has said that he is willing to continue negotiations.

China detained and accused Interpol president of bribery charges

Chinese authorities announced that they have detained the head of Interpol, Meng Hongwei, as part of President Xi JinPing’s campaign against corruption. 

Hongwei, who is also a vice-minister for public security in China, mysteriously went missing in September after sending his wife a knife emoji. On Sunday, Interpol announced Hongwei’s resignation via Twitter.

According to BBC, China detaining its own citizens has led to concerns from international institutions, like the World Bank and the United Nations, appointing Chinese officials.

The awkward press conference between the U.S. and the Chinese Heads of State

Following his trip to North Korea, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo answered reporters’ questions with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and the exchange showed the increasing friction between the two nations.

Along with the growing trade war that President Trump constantly mentions in stump speeches, the Chinese government is wary of U.S. policies when it comes to Taiwan.

According to Reuters, China views policies like selling arms to Taiwan as direct attack on mutual trust.

New climate report says the Paris Accord isn’t enough to prevent rising temperatures

The United Nations (UN) has released a new report on climate change that predicts increasing mass die-off of coral reefs, wildfires and increasing food shortages by 2040.

The researchers, 91 scientists from 40 countries, propose several changes that would have to be implemented immediately to prevent the rise of temperature by 2.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Implementing a large carbon tax, limiting coal as electricity sources from 40 percent to between one and seven percent and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by less than half by 2030 and completely by 2050 were some of the changes suggested.

According to the New York Times, these recommendations not only go against President Trump’s positions on climate change, but the Trump administration also disagrees with UN report.

The administration released their own report in August that says while climate change is real, the rise of temperatures by seven degrees Fahrenheit by 2100 is unavoidable at this point, so there is no reason to implement regulations.

Deadly aftershock in Haiti

Haiti is recovering after a 5.2 magnitude aftershock killed at least 12 and injured 188 others only one day after a 5.9 magnitude earthquake hit.

According to the Washington Post, the aftershock originated 9.8 miles north-northwest of the Haitian town Port-de Paix, which was the most damaged area.

Officials have not reported an estimated cost of the damage.

But with government instability and a weak economy, the nation remains vulnerable.

Showtime airs short documentary on New York Times investigation in Trump’s wealth

The premium cable network Showtime aired a 24-minute documentary following the three investigative journalists – Susanne Craig, Russell Buettner and David Barstow – who looked into the transfer of wealth from Fred Trump to his children, including President Donald Trump, in the New York Times special investigation released last week.

While the documentary does not have additional information than what’s in the lengthy piece, what the film does show is the journalists’ methodology and perspective as they follow this story.

This film seems to operate as just another piece of media that goes in conjunction with the New York Times piece to proactively combat the accusations of fake news.

That’s all we have for today. Check back tomorrow for more.

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