TCU Homecoming Parade on hiatus


TCU Frogfest in the Commons Friday, Oct.2, 2015

By Hunter Ince

This year’s homecoming parade will feature food trucks, fireworks and a free concert, but don’t expect a parade.

FrogFest, which will be held at 6 p.m. Oct 19 in Worth Hills, will have tours of the new Greek housing followed by a pep rally at 6:15 p.m.

This is the second year in a three-year span that TCU opted to not have a parade. Staging a parade this year was complicated by the construction around Bellaire Drive, said Brad Thompson, assistant director for student activities.

Thompson said some alums were disappointed last time, but that students didn’t seem bothered.

“I think it’s something that maybe they’re not really interested in all the time and it’s just hard to gauge,” Thompson said. “We’ve got to figure out what they want to do and what makes the most sense for our students at the time.”

TCU FrogFest held in 2015. Photo courtesy of TCU 360.

Senior sports broadcasting major Erica Johnson said she hasn’t gone to previous parades because she wasn’t in any organizations that had a float.

The last time the parade was canceled the university hosted Family Weekend and homecoming at the same time.

Senior communications major Emily Rutan said that since the parade has only taken place two out of the four years that she’s been here, it’s not a pertinent event to her experience at TCU even though she loved seeing kids get excited for the game because of the parade.

Instead of planning a parade, student activities focused on FrogFest. The event includes concerts by Josh Walker and Walk the Moon.

The festivities will take place in Worth Hills.

Some of the food trucks that will be available for Horned Frogs to enjoy are Heim BBQ, Rollin’ Stone, The Dog House, Rollin’ and Bowlin’, Dough Boy Donuts and more.

Thompson said he hopes that the change in festivities will attract more students.

“We’re always trying to evaluate,” Thompson said. “We’ll see how this year goes and get feedback and then see how we proceed going into 2019.”

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