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A TCU student reaches for a Celsius from a vending machine- a refreshing boost amidst a hectic day of lectures and exams. (Kelsey Finley/Staff Writer)
The caffeine buzz is a college student's drug
By Kelsey Finley, Staff Writer
Published Apr 18, 2024
College students seem to have a reliance on caffeine to get them through lectures and late night study sessions, but there are healthier alternatives to power through the day.

What we’re reading: A little early voting surprise

U.S. Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke greets supporters and early voters outside the Metropolitan Multi-Services Center on West Gray Street Monday, Oct. 22, 2018, in Houston. Photo by Godofredo A. Vasquez.

We’re back and we’re reading – everything from “ABC News” to “BBC News.” We’re trying to help you keep up with the rapid pace of politics and policy. Today we’ve got an update on early voting and people’s attempts to influence citizens to participate, tensions between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia, and an update on Hurricane Willa making landfall in Mexico.

Citizens exercise their right to vote

Leave it to the city of Houston and its citizens to make an impact on the turnout of early voting.

We all know how lines outside of stores look when they form on the eve of Black Friday; however, the Houston Chronicle reported a similar sight yesterday morning outside of the Metropolitan Multi-Service Center.

Imagine waiting in line and hearing “Houston, I love you” from a bullhorn.

Beto O’Rourke made a special appearance to cheer on supporters.

Karen Bard, who doesn’t usually vote in midterms, said she waited in line for over an hour until the polls opened because O’Rourke changed that.

While O’Rourke had six rallies planned over the Houston area Monday, Ted Cruz brought President Donald Trump in for a rally in his support at the Toyota Center.

A case of the Twitter fingers

If you thought TED Talks were moving, you should’ve seen Rep. John Lewis’ tweet to push efforts to get people to vote in the midterm elections.

Lewis is a civil rights leader who volunteered with the Freedom Riders and led a march on “Bloody Sunday” in 1965.

USA Today highlighted his tweet:

One of the main reasons the Democratic representative of Georgia really tried to urge voters to participate was because Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp was accused by his Democratic opponent Stacey Abrams of rejecting new voter registration applications from African Americans.

“It’s very frustrating to me,” said Lewis. “It’s unreal.”

Man in critical condition after trying to break into news station

Meme courtesy of Quick Meme.

Shots were fired!

ABC News is investigating the shooting of a suspect who attempted to gain entrance to a Washington D.C. news station Monday afternoon.

The security guard on duty fired his weapon when the suspect was seen kicking his way through glass doors of the Fox 5 news station in Friendship Heights.

A source close to the suspect said he is believed to have a history of mental illness and was transported to a nearby hospital after taking a bullet to the chest.

The suspect is in critical condition and police are continuing their investigation on the officer that discharged.

Previously detained pizza delivery man faces new charges

It’s one thing after another and this pizza delivery man isn’t catching a break with the police.

ABC News has reported Pablo Villavicencio was charged with criminal mischief after pushing his wife into a wall and slapping her, according to a criminal complaint in Nassau County.

The Ecuadorian pizza delivery man found himself in a previous predicament with the law June 1 while on the job.

He was detained after making a delivery to the Fort Hamilton Army post in Brooklyn.

Villavicencio was released from Immigration and Customs Enforcement after a judge ruled he had the right to “engage in an immigration process.”

His wife and two young daughters are all U.S. citizens.

Things got heated in the Villavicencio household in Hempstead last Thursday after he allegedly pushed his wife against a wall and slapped her body. Villavicencio took away his wife’s phone so that she couldn’t report the incident to the police.

His was arraigned Saturday and was ordered a $500 bail and is to report back to court today.

Murder of journalist under investigation

After the murder of a journalist, which took place in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, a U.S. treasury secretary met with Saudi Arabia’s prince.

BBC News reported U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin met Mohammed bin Salman yesterday after Riyadh changed their story, blaming a “rogue operation” for the Jamal Khashoggi’s “murder.”

The location of Khashoggi’s body is unknown.

The Saudis said they have arrested 18 people and have set up a body under the orders of Salman in an effort to improve the intelligence agency.

Mnuchin and the prince had a private conversation about terrorism and the death of Khashoggi, according to a Treasury Department spokesperson.

Many leaders worldwide are waiting for the murder to be investigated.

Germany and Canada have already threatened to stop foreign relations with Saudi Arabia.

Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel said if matters aren’t “cleared up” she would stop exports to Saudi Arabia and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he may cancel a defense contract.

CIA chief Gina Haspel will soon be arriving to Turkey to help investigate, according to media reports.

Although President Donald Trump wants to find answers, he’s not too keen on losing the multi-billion dollar arms deal with Saudi Arabia.

Foreign minister Adel al-Jubeir supports Saudi Arabia and said the prince didn’t order the murder; however, a tweet leads others to believe otherwise.

“Do you think I make decisions without guidance?” Saud al-Qahtani tweeted last year in Arabic. “I am an employee and a faithful executor of the orders of the king and His Royal Highness the crown prince.

Turkey has vowed “a full account” of what happened once details are known.

Update on Hurricane Willa

BBC News reported Mexico has begun efforts to prepare its Pacific seaboard for the Category Four hurricane.

Forecasters say Hurricane Willa is expected to hit the south-western coast of Mexico today.

The U.S. National Hurricane Center said winds of about 130 mph are expected as the hurricane heads north.

Hurricane warnings have been sent out in the Pacific coast, San Blas, and the beach resort of Mazatlan.

Some residents of Mexico Beach said Hurricane Michael, which made landfall in Florida October 10, left areas looking a “war zone.”

That’s all we have for today. Check back tomorrow for more.

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