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Tips and tricks for advising season

Sophomore Emily Calloway looks at classes that she might be taking next semester. Photo by Reese Price

Advice for students new to advising

It’s that time of the year where students are meeting with their advisors to set their academic plan for the next semester. Figuring out which classes to take with which professors can be difficult and confusing at times, especially for students who have not had much experience with the advising process.

“Your advisors are the ones that guide you and help you to make a plan during your time here,” said Emily Calloway, a sophomore social work major. “They know what’s best for you. They’re basically your mom for college.”

Advisors can answer questions about students’ current academic program and future career options.

“Your advisors also help you with study skills and time management, which is super important all throughout college,” Calloway said.

Use your time wisely

At times, students may have to wait to see an advisor due to the influx of students attempting to schedule appointments as well. During the wait, students can do several things to expedite their time with their advisors, such as continuing to plan out their next semester, writing down any questions they may have or reviewing their degree plan and requirements.

Come prepared for your session

It’s important to know your program requirements and to review the courses that are available prior to the session. Advisors are there to help, but they can’t do everything. Students should have a schedule in mind when they meet with their advisor; however, it is not necessary to have everything planned out.

“Don’t be afraid to see your advisor multiple times a semester, or even in a month,” said Bobby Boone, a senior biology major. “They are there to support you and answer your questions and guide you through the journey, so always go to them whenever you have a question or concern.”

Some classes may fill up quick, so be sure to have back-up options.

Students can use My Purple Schedule Builder to create a schedule with all their classes to make sure none of the times overlap.

My Purple Schedule Builder can be used to create a schedule of classes

Remember your advisor is there to help you

Advisors are aware that scheduling classes can be stressful. 

“Before showing up to your advising appointment, find out what core requirements you have left to take,” said sophomore education major Kenzie Veal. “Your advisor will help you to narrow down your class choices and also help you pick a class you will succeed in.” 

Registering for classes

After meeting with your advisor, students can head to MyTCU and check out classes before their registration date. They can also add the courses they plan on taking to their shopping cart. The shopping cart is a tool that temporarily saves classes until it’s time to enroll.

Screenshot of the shopping cart tool on MyTCU. Screenshot from MyTCU

Step 1: Go to MyTCU and login

Step 2: Go to the Manage Classes tab

Step 3: Go to TCU Class Search tab and type in the classes that you plan on taking the next semester

Step 4: Go back to Manage Classes tab and click on the Shopping Cart tab

Step 5: Select the correct term for the next semester

Step 6: Enter in the class numbers of the courses you plan to take your next semester at TCU to add them to your shopping cart

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