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Philanthropy Week brings awareness to importance of donors

    TCU Philanthropy Week photo by Reese Price

TCU’s Philanthropy Week began Monday with the 24-hour online giving day, TCU Gives Day, happening Thursday. 

Philanthropy Week has campus-wide events designed to increase awareness about the importance of philanthropy.

The week began Monday with different activities, snacks and booths set up all throughout the Intellectual Commons. Throughout the four days, students are encouraged to visit the different tables set up to learn more about why philanthropy week is such a big deal for the TCU community.

“It’s a great time for people to come and have an awesome treat, hang out and learn a little about how donors make this place possible,” said Harmonie Farrow, the director of Loyalty Giving Programs.

A lot of time goes into planning a full week of events and activities that showcase the importance of TCU donors.

Farrow said the team starts planning in January and always hold the events in November. She said preparation for next year starts the last day of Philanthropy Week.

When it comes to a close, those overseeing the entire event analyze and review the week overall and see how they can improve the following year.

Students lined up for Gypsy Scoops photo by Reese Price

This week is about bringing awareness to the donors that contribute to improving the experience of every member of the TCU community.

“It is so important for students to understand how much the people and alumni, who have gone before them, have done to make the TCU experience as impactful as possible,” Farrow said.

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