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Temperature will continue to drop

Students choose to stay warm in Union Grounds to study. Photo courtesy: Marissa Stacy

Students hoping that tonight’s freeze warning will glaze roads overnight, forcing Tuesday classes to be canceled, will likely be disappointed.

Even though the temperature will hit the freezing point, most of the rain has dried up and will not cause any ice on the roads, said Jason Dunn, a meteorologist at the Fort Worth National Weather Services.

Temperatures are predicted to hit the freezing mark right around 10 tonight, by early Tuesday they should reach a brisk 26 degrees.

Thermometers hovered around 40 degrees much of today, but a strong wind made it feel much colder.

Students should look for somewhere warm to study and only go outside when they are walking to class.

Lily Ellis, a first-year child development major, said she is less likely to want to go to class when it is cold outside.

“I usually have to drag myself out of bed to make it to my classes when it is cold,” Ellis said. “I just never want to leave my bed, I would rather stay warm and just watch movies all day.”

So what’s it take to cancel classes? Snow or ice, said Terri Gartner, Executive Assistant for the Provost.

Don’t expect that anytime soon.  

Dunn said those who don’t like the cold will catch a break Friday when it should be back in the mid-60s by the afternoon.

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