Senior Choreography Concert showcases diverse talent


By Demi Butler

This year’s Senior Choreography Concert will showcase seven diverse senior’s talent in Senior Choreography Concert at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday in Erma Lowe Hall.

The senior choreographers include Kate Moore, Reilly Faith, Madison Winter, Maryssa Buddano, Raavi Baldota, Jacelyn LeVasseur, and Julia Kamilos. These students bring their individual backgrounds to this concert, Kaleidoscopic.


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The Senior Choreography Concert features dances that are crafted by seniors in the Choreograph 3 course offered in the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Ballet or Modern Dance.

“This is different for us because we normally perform,” said senior Jacelyn LeVasseur. “This is showing off our work, it’s a new perspective of our individual skill.”

According to the Department Chair, Elizabeth Gillaspy, this performance is a part of their major and follows the curriculum.

“The idea of these performances goes back to their degree plan with their BFA,” said Gillaspy. “The bulk of the course is about making the dance, Kaleidoscopic is the public facing, it’s the outcome of the course.”

Gillapsy said the seniors who designed the performance are not allowed to perform in their pieces. They cast performers from the department and coach and train students to perform in their piece.

“It was really hard coaching my peers,” said LaVasseur. “Switching rolls from friend to coach and learning how to find the balance of superiority.”

According to the department, the evening will show a “stylistic cornucopia”, meaning that each performance won’t look the same. Each performance is designed by one of the seven seniors and they will all look different based off a proposal they submitted at the beginning of the semester.

“Every single piece in this concert is unique,” said Raavi Baldota, senior choreographer. “It’s the first time we’ve choreographed before and it’s extremely personal to us.”

The seven different pieces that Kaleidoscopic will showcase will feature fresh and innovative performances crafted by each senior. To create the showcase, each senior worked individually and with their team to craft their design.

Admission for the shows are free.