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Cameras used to reinforce student safety

Cameras are located at all points to capture footage as people enter and exit buildings. Photo courtesy: Marissa Stacy

In the past 10 years, about 2,800 cameras have been installed across campus. They’re in high traffic areas like parking lots and residence halls, as well as administrative and academic buildings.

TCU Police generally, however, only watch footage when they are investigating a crime, said Robert Rangel, TCU assistant chief of police.

Cameras are on the exterior of all buildings on campus. Photo courtesy: Marissa Stacy

The cameras are meant as a deterrent.

“A career criminal will look for cameras and when they see cameras, the criminal will go somewhere else and have probably been caught on camera in the past and know they will get caught,” said TCU police officer Rick Benson.

Benson said the only reason TCUPD may start actively watching the cameras is if there’s a trend in crimes they see happening on campus.

Cameras are on the interior and exterior of buildings, mainly pointing at entrances and exits to have footage of the people that have been in the building.

A camera installed inside the football practice facility caught a burglary Sept. 11. after several cell phones and Beats headphones were stolen from the players’ individual lockers.

Benson said the cameras are highly utilized where students leave valuable items and spend minimal time: in parking lots and garages.

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