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Better Together learns new ways to improve interfaith dialogue on campus

TCU’s interfaith group Better Together at the Interfaith Regional Gathering in Waco, Texas on February 2, 2019. (Photo / Britt Luby)

Better Together, TCU’s interfaith group, promoted and encouraged dialogue among others with different religious backgrounds and taught how to improve interfaith relations on campus at an interfaith conference.

Every year, the Interfaith Youth Core partners with campuses across the United States to host regional conferences to train interfaith leaders and allow campuses to share ideas. 

TCU’s interfaith group Better Together at the Interfaith Regional Gathering in Waco, Texas on Feb. 2, 2019. (Photo / Britt Luby)

Julia Murray, a first-year student at TCU and member of Better Together, enjoyed the gathering of interfaith groups from around the state.

“It really helps broaden your perspectives on issues that perhaps you had quite a limited view on or did not understand before,” Murray said.

At the conference, students met in small groups to discuss religious discrimination and how to be better interfaith leaders.

“It got us thinking about what we like about TCU and also what we think we could do better to be more inclusive,” Murray said. 

Better Together emphasizes three things: respecting an individual’s religious identity, creating relationships across lines of differences and working cooperatively toward the common good.

Improving the campus community has also become a focus for TCU’s interfaith group.

“Sharing ideas and learning from each other has been extremely beneficial for the Better Together community,” said senior Sophia Gatewood.  “Our discussions helped us discover new ways to promote interfaith on TCU’s campus.”

Gatewood said one way Better Together promotes interfaith ideas is by celebrating or observing religious holidays both inside and outside one’s own faith. 

“That could include having dinner, going to their place of worship or gathering and engaging in an activity,” Gatewood said.

Britt Luby, TCU associate chaplain and Better Together staff advisor, said the dinners have been great learning experiences.

“We host dinners called ‘Know your Neighbor Nights’ to help students connect with members of the TCU community they might not normally meet,” Luby said. “I love that I get to create opportunities for interfaith relationships on campus.”

Better Together meets at 5:30 p.m. Tuesdays in Jarvis Hall. Everyone is welcome to attend the meetings.

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