Student leaders encourage differences at Frog Camp

Frog Camp Director Board, Photo from

By Livia Lavender

Student leaders on campus have the opportunity to convey TCU’s core values to current and incoming students.

Programs like Frog Camp, an event for incoming students, provide them with a taste of the culture, diversity and inclusivity offered at TCU. 

Frog Camp Director Board. Photo courtesy of TCU Student Development Services.

Joaquim Carvalho, a former Frog Camp facilitator, said he believes TCU encourages and celebrates students with differences to the best of their ability.

African American, Hispanic and Asian student populations have risen since 1988, according to the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion organization on campus. 

“I think TCU could improve on expressing our diversity to incoming students by recognizing obvious truths and debunking myths,” Carvalho said. “I think an obvious truth is that TCU may seem diverse to some, but not all, and that is okay as long as TCU strives to work to make the campus more diverse for everyone.”

Jarrett Blasingame, a director of Leadership Adventures and a member of the Frog Camp Director Board, said how important he thinks Frog Camp is.

“TCU helps provide different experiences that I believe encourage students to explore their differences through programs such as Frog Camp and the many other student organizations on campus,” said Blasingame.

To view more data on the demographics of the student body and faculty, visit the TCU Fact Book.