Parents surprise cadets at 68th annual Army ROTC award ceremony


By Marley Capper

Lauren Sutton, senior, receives an award for her “willingness to serve both God and her country.” Photo by Marley Capper.

Thursday marked the 68 year that Army ROTC has presented select cadets with awards for their leadership and academic excellence.

Parents received a letter in the beginning of March informing them that their cadet was receiving an award and invited them to join.

Some parents informed their cadet but many decided to surprise them.

Paul Vogel (left) and his son William Vogel (right) greet each other after the award ceremony. Photo by Marley Capper.

“I was thrilled he was being recognized,” said ROTC parent, Paul Vogel. “I’m so proud of him, I talked to him when I returned to the country and he was convinced he wasn’t getting anything, so he has no reason to think I am here.”

William Vogel, a sophomore cadet, said that he was shocked that he got an award but was so honored his dad surprised him by flying out to watch.

John Donoghue and Joseph Wilson, seniors, received the Commander’s Saber award for serving as the programs battalion commanders.

John Donoghue (left) and Joseph Wilson (right) accepted their saber award. Photo by Marley Capper.

“This will forever be reminder of the cadets that I got to lead and learn from,” Wilson said.

James Nappe, a senior, operations officer, won the Senior Scholar for the department of economics at the 2019 convocation, as well as receiving the outstanding performance at the spring joint field training exercise award, superior cadet decoration award and the distinguished military student award for ROTC.

James Nappe (right) is presented an award by Lieutenant Colonel Robinson-Turner, (left) professor of military science. Photo by Marley Capper.

“I am extremely humbled and honored to have received the Senior Scholar award at the convocation and the various ROTC awards today,” Nappe said.

Nappe contributes his success to his dedicated professors and ROTC staff for their constant support and encouragement.

“We always love coming and presenting the awards at the ROTC cadet ceremony,” said veteran, Colonel Robert Kaniss. “This is the future, these are the ones that are replacing old guys like me.”