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Delaney Vega, a TCU journalism junior, is painting a school in Belize. (Courtesy of Teja Sieber)
“The week of joy”: Christ Chapel College’s annual trip to Belize
By Ella Schamberger, Staff Writer
Published Apr 23, 2024
174 students, a record number, went on this year's trip.

On-campus response to severe weather alerts


The Dallas-Fort Worth area is expecting severe weather on Wednesday evening, potentially producing winds with speeds up to 70 miles-per-hour and 1.5-inch hail, according to the National Weather Service.

Students have filled all spaces in the student side of the Frog Alley Parking Garage prompting the TCU Police Department to open the visitor’s side to students. Photo by Cristian ArguetaSoto.

In response, residential students have begun to move their vehicles to the Frog Alley Parking Garage. The visitor’s side of the garage has been open to students.

“There is no guarantee of space,” said Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Kathryn Cavins-Tull in an email to all faculty, students and staff. “ [The parking spaces] will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.”

All classes and on-campus activities have been cancelled as of 3 p.m. Wednesday afternoon due to the expected severe weather. All on-campus activities and classes will continue at their scheduled times on Thursday.

Students, faculty and staff have been advised to seek shelter on the lowest floor in interior stairways and hallways, avoid rooms with exterior windows and to find shelter in sturdy buildings.

For weather updates, check the National Weather Service’s website.

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