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CBD is the new hemp thing


Cannabinoid stores are rapidly sprouting up across the country and have made their way to Fort Worth.

Your CBD Store opened in Keller in October 2018 and is adding locations on Berry Street on May 4 and on Hulen Street later this month.

President Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill to federally legalize industrial farming of hemp, but it prohibits items from containing over .3% of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the source of marijuana’s notorious high.

According to the Texas Department of Agriculture, states are authorized to create and establish regulations before hemp flower from PHF production is permitted. After Texas passes hemp laws, the focus will shift to making rules for the new market opportunity, like licensing, production and testing.

Your CBD store in Keller. Video by Elizabeth Ragone

“The bill passed unanimously,” said Chrissy Crowell, owner of the Keller store. “The vote was 144 to zero.”

The Texas House approved the bill on April 23, so the decision now lies with the Texas Senate. A lag in the Texas Legislature passing laws on hemp has blurred technicalities, but it hasn’t stopped stores from opening.

“We sell tinctures, drops that dissolve under the tongue, water solubles, topical pain creams, candy, chapstick and even dog treats,” Crowell said. “We are super excited about our skin care line.”

Items sold at Your CBD store. Video by Elizabeth Ragone.

Hemp is not marijuana, but the two plants are both members of the Cannabis Sativa family.

“Most people think hemp is the male strand, but it’s actually the female strand that has higher traces of cannabinoids and lower amounts of THC,” Crowell said.

Chrissy Crowell. Photo by Elizabeth Ragone.

Crowell was left with relentless fatigue and irritability from the difficult birth, and pregnancy, of her twins six years ago. She started using CBD six years ago when doctor and chiropractor visits, as well as other alternative natural remedies, didn’t work.

“I felt the change and noticed a difference in my moods. I was more patient,” Crowell said. “Then I saw the difference in science when I got my blood work back. There is science behind this.”

The store’s team includes a doctor to educate the employees on company’s CBD benefits to enrich their service to people. Crowell’s team is stacked with the help of a lawyer to navigate the maze of Texas’ hemp policy, until the legislation establishes the state’s laws.

Employees explain products to customers. Video by Elizabeth Ragone

“We are the flagship store in the area, so we are helping the other locations,” Crowell said. “I want to do what I can to educate people on CBD and its benefits.”

Employees are eager to educate and help customers to make for a personable experience. They make Your CBD Store more than just a name.

“Everyone has their own story, and I have witnessed people’s testimonies of sad stories getting better because of CBD,” Crowell said.

Hemp farming will definitely add unique aspects to Texas’ agriculture and social culture if the Texas Senate passes the bill.

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