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Alcohol violations: What they are and the process behind them

Binge drinking and alcohol arrest rates are both rising on campus.

TCU students received 757 alcohol violations last year, the most since 2015.

Alcohol violations are given to TCU students who violate the university’s alcohol policies as well as state and federal alcohol laws. 

Students who consume or possess alcohol, whether on-campus or off-campus, are required to abide by state laws and be at least 21 years old, according to the student handbook. The handbook says any student who violates the rule can be issued an alcohol violation.

JT Riley, a junior who has been a resident assistant (RA) for two years, said RAs do not have the authority to issue alcohol violations.

He said the three people who can are hall directors, the Dean of Campus Life and campus police. 

“The role RAs most commonly play in the alcohol situations would be best defined as a reporter,” Riley said. “The most common distributors would most likely be hall directors.”

Cristian Padilla, a junior and first-time RA, said he only “collects information and reports it to the hall director who will then determine whether to issue an alcohol violation or not.”

Students who receive alcohol violations must also go through an extensive process, according to Student Affairs. Students receiving their first alcohol violation are faced with a $75 fine, must complete an online alcohol education course and must meet with a staff member for additional alcohol education. 

Additional alcohol violations result in larger fines, more required educational programs and meetings, and required community service. After a third violation, students are placed on academic probation and are subject to removal from university housing.

According to TCU PD’s most recent crime report, on-campus alcohol violations are back on the rise. Graphic by Owen Roche.

A sophomore who asked to remain anonymous to protect his privacy recently received an alcohol violation. He said there was a lot of people and alcohol in his room when his RA knocked on his door.

“We had to pour out each individual can and throw them all into one trash bag,” he said. “The RA took photos of everything, including our IDs.”

A week later, his hall director sent him an email to set up a meeting and was issued an alcohol violation after two meetings.

“I felt depressed and was mad at myself for days,” he said.

The student learned his lesson from the experience and will not drink in an on-campus dorm again because of the experience.

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