Boschini encourages love letters for TCU’s ‘Lead On’ campaign


Chancellor Victor Boschini talks to first-year students at Frogs First. Photo credit: Cristian Soto

By Alejandra Serna

TCU’s Lead On campaign is encouraging people to spread a little love in hopes of raising $2 billion to fortify TCU’s endowment.

Love letters, that is.

The campaign is planning to begin the public phase of its “most ambitious fundraising effort,” said Holly Ellman, the associate director of strategic communications management.

Throughout the fall, staff, faculty and students will be asked to write about specific instances of inspiration in connection to TCU—Lead On’s way of highlighting the TCU experience.

The university was unable to answer specific questions on how these letters will raise money, when the TCU community will get the opportunity to write these letters and where they will be sent.

At the opening luncheon — an event held annually to celebrate the beginning of the school year — Chancellor Victor Boschini presented to those attending what TCU meant to him with a twist.

He did it in the form of a love letter, his way of internally launching TCU’s new Lead on Campaign.

“Being Chancellor at TCU is much more than a job to me; it’s deeply personal. My children are proud graduates, and my wife and I have treasured all of our time spent interacting with the inspiring people on this incredible campus. Our time here has been nothing short of spectacular”

Chancellor Victor Boschini

Students started writing love letters in August as part of the Frogs First activties, but the campaign didn’t get its publish launch until October.

Lead On is focused on the TCU community while past campaigns have been focused on the campuses’ physical transformation, like developing new academic buildings, residence halls and redesigning the greek community.

The campaign’s overarching goal aims to increase TCU’s endowment and garner support for all the people and programs on campus.

“This concept is reflective of TCU’s culture of connection,” Ellman said. “It also exemplifies the passion that permeates TCU’s culture: a sense of spirited belonging that fuels our community to be better, achieve more and make an impact for the greater good.”