Students create documentary on sex-trafficking in Fort Worth


By Lindsay Tomaini

A small group of students spent much of this semester tackling a topic that many students might be unaware of: human trafficking.

The class partnered with The Net, a local organization that offers resources to survivors of sexual-exploitation, human-trafficking and those who are experiencing homelessness in Fort Worth to produce the documentary called “Worthy of More.” 

The class of seven spent the semester filming, interviewing and editing their footage to create the film. 

“We interviewed the founder and creator of The Net, other people from The Net, and I was able to be there when some of the survivors of human-trafficking were interviewed, which was super touching and inspiring,” said Sinai Diaz, the producer of the documentary. “ I hope that comes across as inspiring in the documentary because it was very intense and powerful.”

Diaz has worked on narrative films before with actors, but she has never done anything documentary style.

“Things are often unexpected and things happen that are unexpected, so you have to always be thinking a couple steps ahead,” she said.

Director Juan Ojeda said the film gets its name from what Melissa Ice, the founder of The Net, emphasized throughout the process.

“People are always worthy of more than what they have been dealing with or what they have been given,”  he said. 

Ojeda and Robinson look observe the set-up of the interviews.

The class was taught by professor Charity Robinson. 

“I love to teach this class because I get the opportunity every semester to watch students grow in positions and get to do work that directly applies to what they would like to do after graduation,” Robinson said. 

Robinson said many challenges came with having a small class, but it also worked really well because everybody on the crew put in their 100% every day.

“Being a student here at TCU, we have all heard countless times that we are in a bubble, and it’s very true,” said Ojeda. “For students that go to TCU, it’s a good way for them to know what’s going on in their backyard right now, even if it’s just their temporary home for college.”

Diaz conducts an interview. 

When the class finally watched their final product, they were all very proud of what they had accomplished.

“There wasn’t anything to critique. It felt very complete, and it touched on everything that I was envisioning from the beginning,” said Fuentes. “Everything that I had looked over as a writer from my notes was in there, and it was just perfect.”

The documentary will air next semester on Jan. 24 and will teach TCU students about their community.

“I want TCU students to know that it is something that our class worked really hard on, but these problems are also happening right here and now,” Diaz said.